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Our venture started in 2014 when I had a heart attack and had to have two stents placed. My doctor advised me that I had to quit smoking. January 2014, my wife and I tried to quit with Blues (e-cigarettes that you can buy at gas stations). They were not giving us what we really needed to satisfy our cravings. We decided to go to a local vape shop where we found devices that were more satisfying to us and allowed us to kick that nasty cigarette habit! The Vape shop we went to was very unfriendly and basically sold us equipment without giving us any education on how to use our new devices to quit smoking. 


This is when I decided to open up my own vape shop with the customer's experience being my number one priority. I wanted a Vape Shop that sold a wide variety of equipment ranging from devices for the beginner trying to quit smoking to devices for the hobbyist. I wanted to not only sell my customers the right device but also teach them and walk them through the process to quit smoking. I wanted to teach people about this healthier smoking alternative. I wanted to help other people quit the bad habit like my wife and I did so easily! With those dreams and goals set, I opened Club Vape!


The business started out very small, however, I felt great every time I was able to help another customer quit smoking! Fortunately, I became so overwhelmed with the amount of demand, I struggled to keep up with the successful business. This is when I decided to bring my son on to help me, knowing he has a business background. He takes pride in customer service to the highest level of care.


Bringing my son on as a partner right then was an unforeseen blessing. I found out that I had to have open-heart surgery. He was able to keep the business operating during my three-month recovery time. The day after surgery my cardiologist came in to check on me. I was hesitant to tell him that I was vaping however, to my surprise he did not care as long as I didn't smoke. It felt great knowing not only was I doing better for my health but also was improving my customer's health. I love to tell this story to my customers to reassure them they're making the right decision.

Some medical doctors now recommend vaping to their patients who smoke because they are not allowed to have tobacco or nicotine in their system for one month prior to surgery. Vaping is an easy way to accomplish this without having withdrawal side effects. We work with our customers to reduce their nicotine intake levels down to 0mg so they are able to be cleared for surgery. Vaping still gives the hand-to-mouth fixation that smokers crave even while on 0mg of nicotine.

Club Vape was doing so well, my son and I decided to open up our second location in Hebron, Kentucky by year 2. We then opened our third location in Taylor Mill, Kentucky by year 3 and our fourth location in Cold Spring, Kentucky by year 4! All locations carry a wide variety of flavors to sample before purchasing. We have over 200 flavors from over 40 different manufacturers along with a large array of accessories and devices. Our Florence, Kentucky shop on Mall Road is over 3,000 square ft and includes an AMAZING coffee shop. All locations have a 28 ft vape bar, large flat-screen TVs and some include an Xbox in a chill, lounge area. Stop out to any of our locations to learn more, vape, and hang out with our friendly smoking alternative specialist!

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